Concept > idea > development>
engineering > validation > production

In mathematics, solving an equation means clearing up the x, in literature the conclusion of the story line. At OMIO, solving means providing a comprehensive response to the ideas and expectations of our customers. The solution is genius.


We build concepts from scratch or from our client's ideas. We listen and discuss within the context of the project. We design and propose possible improvements to optimise the final product.


We use every available tool to make the initial idea come to fruition. At the technical office, we define the details and set all the required specifications to facilitate production.


We test all the elements by making prototypes and real pilot tests that the client may supervise, approve or propose adjustments. From there on we set hands and machines into motion.

Delivery and installation

We ship products from our factory directly to the destination to ensure delivery; and we travel and organize teams anywhere in the world to performthe installation successfully.

Customer service

We maintain our commitment to the client over time. We understand that contingencies may arise that affect the product and that may require a modification or replacement of elements. We will be there!