Restaurant Saddle


Marble, brass, glass, wood, noble materials for a timeless and sophisticated gastro-space.
[Capital and exclusive]
Interior design: Studio Gronda

A timeless and sophisticated space showcasing fine materials such as marble, wood or brass. 1,600 metres on three floors and three different areas: La Gran Salle (traditional haute cuisine), The Lobby Bar (bar- cocktail lounge) and The Rooms (private dining rooms).

We manufactured and installed a wide range of enclosures and auxiliary furniture: dividing doors and side tables in the foyer and lounge areas, backlit mirrors for the toilets, and bottle racks, sideboards and dividers for the dining rooms.

Consoles finished in satin brass with Neolith stone tops and bronze plated display cabinets. Sets of folding and sliding doors with hidden guides. Bottle racks with suspended and illuminated structures. Satin brass railings and laminated glass panels. Mirrors and bathroom furniture also in satin brass.

Cocktail and side tables in different heights with metal or turned wood legs and tops in Neolith Brown Amber stone and white Calacatta and Portoro marble.

Each and every one of the pieces posed its own challenge.