Ocean Coral Spring by H10 Hotels


Jamaica Pai Pai lamp. Aluminium structure, steel braces and 40-piece, handmade, paper and chopsticks lampshade. 165cm height x 130cm diameter
Interior design: Lázaro Rosa-Violán STUDIO / Lázaro Rattan pendants for the restaurant. Design: Lázaro Rosa-Violán STUDIO

A round trip from the Middle East to the warm breeze of the Caribbean (El PaiPai)

Under Lazaro Rosa’s direction we developed this large hanging lamp with Caribbean and Asian influences. 165cm high x 130cm diameter. Pai Pai. The original shovel-shaped palm fan with handle inspires this piece with an aluminium structure, steel braces and an unmistakable lampshade: 40 hand-made pieces, built with parchment paper and chopsticks