Maspalomas Princess

Canary Islands

Lamps like palm trees, dunes, suns and sea foam lighting up everything.
[Natural inspiration]
Interior design: Room 1804 / Hanging flock for the hotel lobby. Design: Omio Atelier

The Nákar lamp is a spectacular pendant somewhere between the unmistakable Chinese lantern, the iconic Disa lamp that Coderch imagined in the 1950s and the also iconic Totem lamps by LZF and Forestier.

Nákar, hand-braided from natural materials, pays tribute to totems, objects that tell the stories of a place. In addition, its natural fall evokes the clusters of dates from the Canary Island palm tree that are so abundant around the hotel.

The main axis and light source are 2.3 and 3.3 metre long opal white methacrylate tubes, inside which there is a double LED strip. For the tulips, some of which are 1m in diameter, frames were made and hand woven from flat natural rattan pith tape which was then hand painted in white, ochre and green. Due to the fragility of rattan, they were completely dismountable, but at the same time easy to assemble on site.

To hang the 16 lamps, steel cables and tensioners were used to install them 4m. from the ground. The height of the ceilings -15m- and the difficulty of reaching them for maintenance, meant that the electrical installation had to be done above the roof.