ikos Resorts Andalusia


Iron and wicker mesh. Tables and lamps bathed by the waves of the South.
[Dazzling relaxation]
Interior design: Studio Gronda

The Greek chain Ikos always offers a cocktail of sophisticated serenity with its architectural design.

In its first “all inclusive” resort in Spain, we ¡ had the opportunity to collaborate with the development and installation of various lighting and auxiliary furniture pieces.

With regards to the lighting, friendly pieces, with a predominance of white, table lamps with ceramic and wooden feet and cotton lampshades, rattan pendants painted white for the outdoor bars, or in iron ones in the shape of a Chinese hat. Also pure white floor lamps with wooden shaft and cotton lampshade, hanging and wall lanterns in minimalist classicism, metal and glass.

For the furnishings, light design and functionality. Side tables for the rooms and terraces. Mesh feet and marble tops. Curved, soft, organic shapes.