Icon Casona 1900 Petit Palace Hotels


Glass and brass skies. Art Deco and Nouveau sparkles in the heart of Madrid.
[Iconic light]
Interior design: Alfonso Merry / Design: Omio Atelier

The concept of a boutique hotel was dutifully performed in good taste in the restoration of this emblematic building in the Salamanca district of Madrid. And that same concept presided over the design and development of the pieces that were commissioned to us. Pieces of marked Art Deco and Art Nouveau inspiration both in the soft and sinuous forms and in the materials, mainly brass, glass and marble.

An omnipresent chandelier welcomes the hotel guest with its 3.5 metre long x 2 metre wide structure, and 200 tubular glass luminaires. A smaller one, but with similar lines, presides over the bar of the Indiano restaurant.

In addition, we created other wall lights and lanterns in glass and metal for different common areas of the hotel.

We also produced furniture like the tables in the VIP lounge and also those in the lobby, with brass and marble tops.