Guayarmina Princess

Tenerife. Canary Islands

A flock of sea gulls flies between columns to honour the aboriginal princess Guayarmina.
[Organic classicism]
Interior design: Room 1804 / Hanging flock for the hotel lobby. Design: Omio Atelier and Room 1804

The sculpture, composed of 450 figures, each 65cm long, forms a column 2m wide x 26m long that describes a 180º turn along a 7m fall, with the highest part being 12m from the ground.

The figures of the gulls were designed by synthesising different flight patterns and were arranged at different heights, creating an order within the chaos so that the sensation of flight was as organic as possible.

The structure, with a total weight of 150kg, was built in 15 modules that can be joined together using light materials such as aluminium, nylon and methacrylate. The tubular structure was suspended from the roof with 30 stainless steel cables along with custom-designed and made anchoring and regulation systems. Specialists in vertical works were required for the installation.