Fuerteventura Princess.

Canary Islands

Natural textures, artisan manufacturing, warm, neutral tones... Local character.
[Evoking the place ]
Interior design: Room 1804 / Design: Omio Atelier and Room 1804

In line with the aesthetics of this hotel, the property commissioned us to create a series of lights for its 710 rooms, where the natural textures and the qualities of the craftsmanship would stand out.

The Alice one-piece ceramic tabletop; the hand-woven Penelope hanging lamp with fireproof braided paper cord; Calypso, a reading stand made of lacquered pinewood with a raw cotton lampshade; or Flat, a recessed headboard light for reading.

But without a doubt Molinos is the most emblematic piece. It is inspired by the island’s old windmills used for pumping the precious water and that, even today, still dominate the skyline of the island. It is made up of pieces of 2, 3 and 4 metres in diameter, each one made up of 60 wooden slats held together like a sandwich by aluminium rings and all compacted by 180 threaded latches.

The installation was a challenge. Braided steel cables were distributed between the beams, and ropes and scaffolding was used to lift the pieces to the desired height for their final installation.